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unusal looking umm.. poop

26 February 2004 - 08:44 PM

ok so now its my turn. i have a 55 gal with 4 o's all under 4in in length and 2 plecos aprox the same size. im running 2 aquatech power filters 30-60 and i have a 200 watt heater and try to keep a constant temp of around 80 (it seems they like this best). i did a gravel sweep and a 25% water change 2 days ago. and noticed today that the feces of one of my o's looks kinda weird. i have recently moved and have yet to replace my test kit. so tomorrow im going to take in a water sample so i will get back with the paramiters on that. description.. long. in kind of mucousy looking something. up till now it has always looked very similar to the pellets i feed them does anyone know what the problem might be or what might be going on. any input would be greatly apprieciated.great site by the way thanks :blink: