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In Topic: OSCARS

25 February 2004 - 07:18 PM

i have 5 oscars total. and i consider myself lucky then dont rearange too much they do have one particular plant they insisted on moving all the time.so i just added a little more gravel to that spot lucky it was in the corner and just burried it deep as i could. and that stoped them from moving it. i also give them toys to take there agression out on. i offer pingpong balls. there cheep and as we all know they float. keeps them busy for hours. and my plants stay in place B)

In Topic: Ideas on Caves

25 February 2004 - 07:04 PM

im new here so bare with me. i have seen some neat ideas on caves and one of the neatest i have seen is severl pieces of slate of diffrent shapes and sizes glued together with sealer. to make a cave by gluing them you insure your self that none of your babies that like to rearange daily as mine do get hurt. takes some time and a little creativity but in the end it well pays off. :D