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07 July 2005 - 07:35 AM

I have 3 fish that I was told were called Red Devils. Then I found out the store named them wrong. They are red something the only thing is they are not red. The problem is, or maybe it's not a problem, when I bought them they were yellow, then they changed to orange. I asked in the forum if this was normal and was told yes it is normal and not to worry about it unless they turn back to yellow. Well, they haven't turned back to yellow. One has stayed orange and the other 2 have turned a black color with pretty blue stripes. I actually like their colors. Can anyone tell me what kind of fish this sounds like and if it is normal. They seem healthy and are getting bigger it seems by the day. Please  give me anything you may know about this. My digital cam is broken or I would post a pic of them. Thanks.

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at least 2 of them sound like midas ciclids they will get quite large according to how bib your tank is. i have 2 they are the size of a large hand. they can be avery territorial, son't like to be moved. easy to take care of. don't know what the other is