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Baby convivts,need help with food,care

29 October 2004 - 04:06 AM


My best friend just died, and I inherited a tank with about 12 baby convicts, 2 albino cats and a placo. I know nothing about cichlids! I have had tropical fish before, so I know how to take care of a tank, but what do these buggers eat? Do they always eat the same food, or should it change as the get bigger? They are about 1 1/2 inches from nose to tip of tail, some are a little smaller (females?) so they are not really young. They were born in his big tank, and moved to a smaller tank alone *the one I got....55 gal* My children are fascinated with them, I would like to purchase a colorful one to put in there, can I do that? Will another cichlad eat the youngsters? How big should they be before I can add a new one? And what would be a good one to out in there (preferably colorful) Any advice would be appreciated, I have no idea what they need. they came with a bottle of brine shrimp flakes.

Lori :unsure: