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getting too big

23 July 2004 - 03:31 PM

About six months ago got what they said was a cichlid at PetsMart. Actually got three of them. Two are silver looking and one has silver on his (or her) sides with an orange slaph on the underbelly with black topping on the tail and fins. This fish has grown from 2 inches to almost 10 inches and, although the tank is 50 gallons, it has little room to move around. The others haven't grown that much. We also have an 8 inch pecosimois in there too. The big fish is quite strong and routinely knocks off the filter stem and will splash water on you when you walk past the aquarium when its hungry or wants attention. We stop and talk to the fish several times a day, we're just sappy that way. Anyway, I need to know if it is a variety of cichlid. They told me so at the store. I need to find it a home or get a bigger tank I guess, which could be like not in the budget. Any assistance or support will be appreciated.