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18 July 2004 - 10:00 AM

Dear Snatched,
Thank you for relplying so quickly. I just purchased a 12 gallon Eclipse tank with Bio wheel. She will get to a total of 4.5 inches, and is the only fish in the tank along with her favorite rock. As for the fungus, I added Coppersafe by Mardel. I was wondering if this effects the PH levels? I am getting a high reading on the test strips with 8.4 + ph and +300 alkaline in the new tank? Also added established gravel given to me by the pet store in addition to Cycle. We ran a test this morning and the nitrate is already registering. I was going to move her into the new tank Tuesday evening if all is normal.
Thanks again for the advice. I have read so many books and online articles, and it is all so overwhelming.
Take Care