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borleyi looking ill

11 June 2004 - 08:35 PM

hey guys,

the rookies looking for some help on a possible sick fish.id appreciate any help or advice as id rather not learn the hard way. ive noticed most like to get the technicals out out of the way so heres my current setup. 40 gallon corner tank, lots of of rock structure for hiding. two fake plants. i am running a eheim 2215 canister filter. i think it is rated for 90 gallons. my heater is not needed this time of year and the tank stays room temp. currently 80 degrees. i did order cichlid salt from bluegrass cichlids and gave them their first dose appx. two weeks ago. my ph stays somewhere around 7.6. i have whats called a jumbo river gravel, which i know is not a good substrate to help my ph problem. all other levals are ok. there are 12 malawi cichlids in this tank i know two are the yellow labs i think one is a hap. and im sure one is a scianochromis fryeri. the patient i have found to be a borleyi. the others im in the process of identifying. i have a picture posted in my gallery. now thats out of the way heres the problem, the one i believe is the borleyi started looking a little funny about 4 days ago. it seemed like some of the scales towards his rear were turning a little white and flaking off. it looked to me like a wet version of dry skin. that problem has gotten worse over the last couple days. its only on one side and i wouldnt say it covers his whole side of the body but it is very noticable. just tonight i noticed a second sympton which has me looking for advice, his eye has fogged up white. again its not his whole eye but at least three quarters. those are the symptons and no other fish in the tank shows any of them. one last thing i think might be important is his size and the size of his friends ( or enemys) :D there are two other fish his exact size in the tank appx. 4.5 inches one is a yellow lab and the other i just dont know. they both stay very quite at the bottom in the nicest hiding spots. i never see those two cause any trouble. the borleyi swims around the middle all the time and doesnt do a lot of chasing or doent get chased a real lot. from what ive seen but i dont watch them constantly. all the other fish are smaller appx 3 inche with two of them being about 2 inches. so im not too sure if aggression is the problem. the borleyi has been eating normal he can be a bit of a pig. i dont know if he is a male or female. when i bought him the pet store clerk said he was a male. the guy seemed knowledgable and it was a family pet shop not petco

the newest guy

07 June 2004 - 07:47 AM

hello everyone i currently keep two tanks and will be starting a third in july. my first was actually my pressent to my wife { i think somehow a lifetime cleaning and mainenance service was some how included } it was a 125 gallon on oak stand. at first she hated it. said it was way to big and was almost in tears.1 month later she loved it. i bought it to house her walmart goldfish that outgrew her 10 gallon. will post more later and hello again avia