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Cobalt Zebra

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Posted 31 March 2005 - 08:53 PM

I honestly forgot the average holding time for Yellow Labs. That might be something of interest to you although I see your post is pretty old and your fish would have spit or swallowed already (as in, spit the babies out or swallowed the eggs already).

Labs will produce like rabbits. With the right conditions, sexually mature females have only a week or two rest before they are holding again. Thats one of the reasons its better have more females than males-they typically get a longer break inbetween holding. Holding is very stressful on females, they eat very little and can become pretty weak.

Immediately after mbuna eggs are fertilized, the female carries them in her mouth. This is when she starts to buldge. Eventually they will hatch in her mouth and she will continue to carry them. As they grow, she will let them come out for short periods of time and then will scoop them up if she feels theres any danger. They are not primitive mouthbrooders which carry their young only after they hatch.

Even with this advanced level of parental care, few fry survive in community tanks.

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 09:07 AM

:P I have a 120gal. with 2 blue cobalt, 1 yellow lab, 2 gouramis, 3 blood parrots, 1 algae eater thats over 12 inches long, 1 gelly bean parrot, and 8 barbs. My 2 cobalt blues had fry but I only see 2 of them hiding out underneith the castle. I dont have a lot of rocks in my tank and I prefer fake plants. Most of the plants are uprooted though. Who knows what fish did that! Anyway I was wondering if someone had any advice on wheather or not the babies will survive and if more might be hiding under the castle. Like I said, I dont have a lot of hiding spots in that tank. Just a lot of plastice plants. Also I kinda worry about the barbs. Mine nip at everything so I hope they dont try to nip at the babies.

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