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"blue" oscars

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#1 Guest_Chris_*

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Posted 18 August 2006 - 05:23 PM

I was at the pet store today and they were selling a bluish colored oscar. I had never heard of this color before. Any information you have would be great.


#2 Guest_fish_luver_*

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Posted 06 September 2008 - 07:53 PM

Yes! I acually own many fish. I have three oscars right now red tiger and an albino untill today when i was at the aquarium today and i seen a blueberry oscar. I have herd of a purple one which they have bred to be that color and a yellow one too, so i got the blueberry one because it was so cute. As soon as i got home i did some research on it and if i had known i wouldnt have bought him but i guess when they are babies they put him in some kind of acid that removes their coat then soaks them in die sometimes injecting them with the die. then soak them in something that is supposed to put the coat back on them. This is rediculous. i was just complaining to my pet store today about selling mollys with tatoos because i think its crule then the guy goes around and sells me an injected fish. bull crap. thats what it is. it should be illegal to do that to a fish. So anyways the fish will be lucky to live to six months when the die and hormones that they inject it with ware off and then if it does it will be very sickly and wont live past a year old. but im telling you i have been looking online for a while and i dont think any of them have lived passed a year. I guess at least it gives me satisfaction that its will have a great home. My husban bought a puffer today too and they have beaks so im not happy about that because i have my fish eating out of my hand and i herd of a man who lost a finger to one. ouch. now im scared to stick my fingers in my own tank. Good luck to you hope i helped.

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