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brooding mother

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Posted 22 September 2004 - 05:46 AM

My mouthbrooding cichlid released her fry about a week ago.
She still scoops them up into her mouth occaisionally.
They are about 1/4 inch long now.
I was wondering when i should remove the mother fish, and reintroduce her to the main tank,, and if there is anything special i should do when putting her back into the main tank, like floating her first, or just transfer her directly.
Thank you


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 12:16 AM

You can put her back in the main tank now.

The best way to reintroduce a fish is to aclimate her into the tank like you would a new fish. This may or may not be necessary depending on how different the nursery tank and main tank's water is. Anything more than a couple degrees or 0.3 difference in pH I usually float them in a baggy and slowly add main tank water to-like a half a cup every 10 minutes-but I'm kinda anal about stuff like that. If the waters pretty similar you could just dump her in.

But, the other fish will see her as a new fish and probably gang up on her. Her former territory has probably been claimed by some other fish so its best to move around some of the tank decorations so that everyone will have to claim new territory.

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