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new african cichlid fry

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#1 Guest_mike cain_*

Guest_mike cain_*
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Posted 28 May 2004 - 04:27 PM

They just popped about 75 out and not sure how to proceed exactly. Any advice??

#2 snatched


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Posted 28 May 2004 - 10:41 PM

What kind of fish is it and what else is in the tank?

#3 Guest_mike cain_*

Guest_mike cain_*
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Posted 30 May 2004 - 07:45 PM

I had 9 african cichlids and got rid of 3 so they were paired off. I have a solid network of people to take my youngings, one that took 3 to start his own tank.

My questions:

- Do I seperate the fry from the 6 ? IF yes, do I take the mother with them?

-For feeding I crunch up the pellets to a fine powder and then feeed? Suggestions?

- If seperated, give air, food and current or can they survive in still water?

Reply @ cainmichael@yahoo.com rather than through this forum.

Thanks !

Mike Cain

#4 richardsville


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Posted 01 June 2004 - 12:54 PM

Sorry Michael Cain...

I am going to reply through this forum, because that is what it is intended for. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who may read this that have the same questions as you. I feel that you are ripping people off of valuable information by having us reply to you privately. Maybe you should tell everyone who reads this sorry for your beahavior :blink:

To answer your questions:

#1 YES seperate your fry from the others...NO do not take the mother. She has no feelings for them
#2 I find that breaking up flakes in to small pieces to be quite successful, but I don't see any reason for broken up pellets to fail.
#3 Just putting a sponge filter in the tank should be plenty...sometimes using the regular sump filters or the over the side filters can cause baby fish death...

In the future you really should consider including what type of fish you have, size of tank and what kind of equipment you are using to assist anyone in answering your questions...just some advice...And I was joking up top, and you know that if you actually read this far...but do you see where I am coming from?


#5 Guest_mike cain_*

Guest_mike cain_*
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Posted 07 June 2004 - 09:59 PM

Thanks for the responses. I have 6 cichlids (still unable to ID exact species)- 3 male/3 female in a 55 G tank, dual filter, nice caves and frequently change the setting/water. Well, since my last post another couple decided to release the fry as well. Less than 1/3 of the fry are being eaten by the fish.

I took out about 25 from the first batch and put them into a 3 G tank with air filter only. They are doing well. It sounds as though I should take out ALL of the other fry and get another tank setup, probably go with a 10/15 gallon and watch them grow.

The couples take great care of their young in the tank but the M/F who are not parents are being attacked and have no place to hide. Let me know of any additional suggestions.

Forum works fine just wasn't sure if I would find this site again but now that I know people respond then I will get registered and save as favorites.

Mike Cain

#6 convicted



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Posted 07 June 2004 - 10:12 PM

Please note; mike cain=convicted

I have 6 convict cichlids and about 100 fry.

#7 snatched


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Posted 07 June 2004 - 10:44 PM

Do you have it narrowed down to what sort of cichlids you have (mbuna, haps, peacocks, etc)? Maybe if you post some pictures, someone can id them for you.

I used crushed up pellets for my fry and it worked fine. They seemed pretty happy with just about anything that would fit into their mouth. They really went crazy over baby brine shrimp.

If you take all the babies out of the tank, it should lower the aggression towards the other fish. The parents won't have anything to protect and as soon as the babies are gone they seem to forget about them. Its usually easiest to just pull the mom when shes holding (assuming you have mouthbrooders) than to chase down all the fry after shes released.

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