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#594 Amphilophus citrinellus X Vieja synspillum

Posted by AGFO on 03 August 2004 - 08:33 AM in Central & South American Cichlids

Snatched was right with the prices. If it is higher than 15$, it might be one of the color variations which are made by cruelly injecting color into the fish. This shortens the lifespan of the fish and usually only lasts for a while. So please dont buy anything that has had this done to it, so as not to support the practice. You will love your parrots, if you get the normal strains. They are tough and very personable. Out of all my cichlids, they are my favorite. They swim to the front of the glass whenever I am in the room and follow me as I move.

#595 New Guy

Posted by AGFO on 03 August 2004 - 08:57 AM in Introductions

Hello, I am 23 and from western Nebraska. I have been into cichlids for about 3 years now but it is a blast. I am glad to find others interested in cichlids. I dont have a picture of my favorite fish yet but when I do, it will be a picture of my parrots. They are my favorite of all my fish.

Here is my fish inventory:
3 firemouths
3 Jack D.
1 Red Oscar
4 Parrots
4 Africans
4 Gold Severums
3 Pleco
4 Bristlenose P.

#596 New Guy here

Posted by AGFO on 03 August 2004 - 09:03 AM in Introductions

I have been told that some africans can sometimes act as a dither fish for some American cichlids. It needs to be an aggressive american though so the africans do not nip it to death. This is what I have been told not what I have personally seen.

#597 2 week old s.american chiclid tank

Posted by AGFO on 03 August 2004 - 09:10 AM in Introductions

I dont usually add salt to my freshwater tanks unless there is an illness that I need to treat. Some may like the salt but those are more brackish fish. If you want simplicity and you have just freshwater fish, I dont think you would need to keep up the salt level.

#598 under gravel filter?

Posted by AGFO on 03 August 2004 - 09:41 AM in Introductions

That is a great idea using old underground filters for seperators. Duh, its so obvious, I cant believe I didnt' think of it. I guess I really do learn something new every day.

#608 What would you try to add?

Posted by AGFO on 09 August 2004 - 10:39 AM in Central & South American Cichlids

You might want to try a new color of severum, I think there are two more color variations than what you have. You could also try some Uarus. They are a fairly peacefull fish and are pretty owner responsive.

#731 feeding

Posted by AGFO on 18 September 2004 - 11:12 AM in Central & South American Cichlids

It really depends on the breed of fish because some like more veggies than others. Some don't really like feeder fish and some love them. What type of fish were thinking about? Remember that variety is the best thing you can have when it comes to food.