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#2191 interbreeding chiclids

Posted by Loughlin83 on 29 November 2011 - 03:26 AM in Off Topic Lounge

Since your grouping is small, you do not know the gender and don't have the tank size listed, it's a bit hard for anyone to say it could or couldn't. At this point in time, without knowing what are the males and females, your odds could be as high as 100% or 0%. End up with all male or all female, you won't have it, but have 1 male and 2 females, or 2 males and 1 female, since all species are mixed and none kept in proper numbers, I'd suspect odds are the males will at least attempt to court females and the females are likely to be receptive to some degree if there is a lack of males of it's own species.

Hyrbidization is a complex subject which has many facets, to the point where if you keep females that have a similar look over several species, odds are very high you'll get hybrids at some point. The real big key to avoiding this is to avoid keeping species in which females have a similar look. Combine that with not keeping a species deviod of one gender, such as a tank full of female yellow Labs, and have a male Cynotilapia zebra, I'm sure at some point, he'd court the Lab females.

Keep your groups in proper ratios, where females of different species have a much different look then other females, this should take care of any hybrid issues.

That Kenyi if male, could potentially cross with the Yellow Lab simply because a male Kenyi morphs into a yellow body when mature and could get mistaken for a Lab male by the female.

#2190 Green Spotted Puffer

Posted by Loughlin83 on 29 November 2011 - 03:24 AM in Off Topic Lounge

basically i am looking to get one of these guys from walmart and i need to know more info on them i've done the basic info and know that they are brackish fish and eventually need to be put in a full marine tank for now this is the set up i have and i need to know if i'm missing anything i have standard white gravel i was gonna do sand but it'd be to difficult so i got some fine grain gravel thats a nice soft bed as it says they need the tank i'm gonna start him in is a 10 gallon i'm eventually gonna upgrade him to a 30 gallon tank when i get more money and can afford to buy the tank i have a 30 gallon now but my african cichlids are in it so can't exactly put a baby gsp in there with them. i got some fake coral and a few decorations (i know not nessary but i got them anyway) the tank has a aquaclear 30 gallon filter on the tank and the tank has a tetra heater i just bought this week and a marineland light(freshwater standard bulb) and hood that fits the tank i was gonna buy insta ocean salt and i need to buy a hydrometer to keep the levels at an ok level.

i currently have a few fish in there to keep the good bacteria growing i threw in some mollies and guppies that i have left over from an old spawn i know the mollies can survive in the brackish water and actually will thrive in it but will be targeted as food which doesn't bother me at all as they were feeders for my oscar in a much larger tank. but anyway i wanna know what all do i need or am i missing from this list of things i have so that i can get it before i go pick him up on friday thanks for all the help anyone can offer.

#2189 Cichlid T-shirts

Posted by Loughlin83 on 29 November 2011 - 03:20 AM in Off Topic Lounge

ou want the most popular or our opinion on the best, most liked, or just our favorite? while yellow labs and demasoni are popular i dont like either of them at all and would never keep them.. i like much rarer fish personaly i would def say that yellow labs are probly the most popular