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#2128 Selling Rare Cichlids

Posted by Maxwell on 26 March 2011 - 09:58 AM in Fish Wanted or For Sale

We are a collector of a diversified range of rare wild caught Tangayika cichlids. Our permanently stationed fishermen, divers and trawlers are better situated at the Eastern end of Tanzania who continuously furnishes us with wild caught cichlids species like Frontosas, Tropheus, Pseudotropheus, Protomelas, Placidochromis, Otopharynx, Aulonocranus, Callochromis, Cyatopharynx, Cyphotilapia, Cyprichromis, Enantiopus, Chalinochromis, Altolamprologus, Paracyprichromis, Petrochromis, Xenotilapia and much more others. Shipments are made thrice a week. Contact us for more information at cichlidss@yahoo.com