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#2068 green terror/ jack dempsey????

Posted by dunderee on 04 May 2010 - 01:31 AM in Central & South American Cichlids

Most definately NOT. If you had even one JD along with the oscar, con and GT that would require 190 gallons of water. But you may be able to put in a GT, con and one JD wich is only 115 gallons. Good luck.

This is not true, I have 4 oscars, 2 convicts, 2 green terrors, and two jack dempsey's and two algie eaters in the same tank and they all get along, except for the two jack dempseys, One got bigger than the other one and now everytime the bigger one see's the smaller one he chases it around for a long time, but doesn't mess with any of the other fish, the convicts are way smaller than all the other fish, but they are very aggressive and are left alone, if the oscars come to close the convicts simply stands its ground! This is a 55 gallon tank and they all been in their for over a year! oh and i have alot of hideing places, maybe this helps!