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#261 Need Help! Tank Upgrade Question

Posted by djminus1 on 21 April 2004 - 04:32 PM in Lake Malawi Cichlids

Yes....I got the filter for $120.

#248 Need Help! Tank Upgrade Question

Posted by djminus1 on 14 April 2004 - 11:18 AM in Lake Malawi Cichlids

Should I use all of the gravel?

Can I take the gravel out while the fish are in the 29-gal tank?

When should I transport the fish into the new tank?

I understand cycling but I don't understand the steps I need to take to make the COMPLETE switch from the 29-gal to the 72-gal. I want it to be as easy on the fish as possible.

#238 Need Help! Tank Upgrade Question

Posted by djminus1 on 08 April 2004 - 07:42 PM in Lake Malawi Cichlids

Can somebody please help me?

I am a rather new Malawi hobbiest. Here is my situation...

I have an assortment of 6 (2" to 3") Malawi Cichlids (4 Peacocks, an Electric Yellow, and a Hap. Venustus) in a well-run 29 gallon tank. This tank was given to me. When I decided to start the tank, my intentions were to upgrade to a much larger tank at a later date. Basically, I wanted to see how hard it would be first.

I am going to be purchasing a 72-gal bow-front tank in the near future. I have decided on a Cascade 1500 for the filtration.

My problem is that I do not know the best way to make the switch. I know I should re-use the gravel from my 29-gal but I do not know when to transfer it. I plan to leave both tanks up for a few days. Should I take the fish out before I move the gravel? It seems like moving the gravel around would kick up a lot of junk in the 29-gal. When should I transfer the fish to the new tank? What do I do with the fish while I am transfering stuff between tanks?

Please give me some steps to take to complete this tank switching process. I have a feeling that somebody out there has done this before. Thanks!