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#1531 raising fry

Posted by petert on 02 February 2007 - 08:54 AM in Emergency Room

I found out a few months ago I have a mating pair of Dempsey's. The first time I found out, the fry were swimming around and 1 by 1 they were picked off by my other fish. A few weeks later I found another batch of fry's so I went out and bought one of those little breeding tanks, they did not survive. Then a few weeks ago I found the egg's so I went and made a tank divider out of plexy glass and I seperated the parents from my other fish.It seemed they were doing fine after they hatched until I found the fry burrowing under the gravel to get to the other side of the tank, well the other fish were just waiting and the picked them off. I was able to save about 10 or so and sealed off where they were getting through. By the next day I did not find any fry, I'm thinking the male might have gotten the rest. Do I need to seperate the parents after she lays her eggs. I would love to make this worrk, they are fun to watch. Any advise? books I have taken out of the library were no help.

Thanks Petert