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#152 New to Cichlids

Posted by Cassie6550 on 04 March 2004 - 04:28 PM in Introductions

I'm sorry for the confussion. The fry is tiny and unidendifiable. I was in contact with a fish breeder who told me my libeaochromis or whatever it is called the yellow one would not be a yellow libeapchromis because of the fact that he changed colors. They said that he would be a mix of 2 types of cichlids. And that he would most likely not turn back to his original yellow. I was also told that he had changed his coloring for mating purposes and would change back... Can someone clerify this one for me please???? Also i was told something about how an african can enter a tank as a female yet can end up changing into a male due to the male to female ratio in the tank, is this true? I was under the impression my fish were live barers, yet another web site message board told me they were egg layers is this true, and can one male lay eggs with more than one female? I have spotted a second baby in my tank last night and the breeder told me that they would be more than one most likely, how many should i be expecting. My plan for the fry was to put a tank divider in until i was sure that they were going to make it in which case i would go ahead and set up another tank for them, do i incude mom and dad in the divided off area or are they ok by themselves? I'm so thankful that people are helping me out with this one im not very informed on how to handle fish babys i guess... thanks guys