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#1284 Parrot fish.... help please!

Posted by Guppy_Girl on 09 January 2006 - 07:17 AM in Central & South American Cichlids

ok, my dad has this tank in his office and it has 2 parrot fish in it (I think that they are parrot fish), one fish is about 4 inches long and the other one is probably 5-6 inches long (including their tails), the smaller one was doing fine with the larger one (other than the fact that they hid the whole time) until about a week ago, then the small one started hanging upside-down in the top corner of the tank. The only thing that would move on him was his gills. I took him out and put him/her/it, into my 5 gallon hospital tank (ok I know that that isn't really a big enough tank to keep it in but I have guppies so I'm not really planning on big fish!!), now it's doing fine, swimming normally and everything, it hasn't eaten yet but at least it's not upside-down looking dead!!

The guy at the fish store said that maybe one of them had eggs, I don't know but I thought that maybe the larger one could have laid some and was keeping the other one away or something. The small one has a little bit of fin rot (other fish in the tank were kind of trying to beat up on it??) but the other one has LONG flowing fins, the dorsal fin goes all the way down its back and ends at the same point as his tail!!

PLEASE HELP!! I don't do cichlids! I do guppies, I don't know what on earth is going on with this fish and would like someone to help me figure it out. (it doesn't have any normal diseases {ick, popeye} nothing like that)

The sick fish (the one in the 5 gallon tank) is not eating flake/pellet/dried Tubifex worms, won't eat anything... is there any live foods I could give it?? I raise grindal and microworms.... and could get something bigger.....