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#578 plants and afr. cichlids

Posted by gello99 on 26 July 2004 - 10:14 PM in Introductions

hello. i have several malawi/tanganika cichlids and was wondering if anyone has had success inluding live plants with them.
any tips and pics are appreciated.

btw, i changed the castle in my 55gal cichlid tank from self-made legos to self made clay castles. will post pics in a couple days.

#60 Another Favorite Fish

Posted by gello99 on 05 February 2004 - 08:21 AM in Introductions

sorry to hear about the clown loach. i just added a couple of catfish, and i hope they make it ok.

i was thinking about putting a rock cave in one corner of my tank. i'm kinda scared it would break the glass. is there some weight limit?

#54 Another Favorite Fish

Posted by gello99 on 03 February 2004 - 08:40 PM in Introductions

cool. i want to see atlantis. i'm wishing you good luck. I'm thinking of using sculpey clay (one you bake) to make my very own castle. thats gonna take me forever but i'll post pics as i'm doing it. i gotta check the lead content too.
i wanted to get a couple clown loaches or catfish, but i don't want to mess up the chemistry of my tank. i would hate to lose any of my fish

#52 German Red Peacock

Posted by gello99 on 03 February 2004 - 04:39 PM in Introductions

i heard most cichlids live for over 10 years if we take care of em. there are different colored peacocks that you might like. stuartgranti i think is one, bi-color 500...maye make a peacock tank? only thing with that is they might cross-breed....thats ok as long as you don't sell babies or give babies to lfs/other people. my gf has a 29, with 10 small size cichlids, but i'm sure there will be casualties as they grow up. she has a pretty nice setup with tons of hidingplaces via plants/caves and also overfilters also (2 whisper 40's). i'd stay away from a hyper aggressive mbuna like chipokae or demasoni because its only 26 gallons. i love my pseudotroph polit tho, and he doesn't get huge for a mbuna so i think you might be able to get away with him too. males turn from dark blue to snow white. i love my snowflake. average in size in my 55gallon, he's ranks as #2 fish king.

#51 Another Favorite Fish

Posted by gello99 on 03 February 2004 - 04:28 PM in Introductions

hey dmorgan.
i'm not at my comp today, but i'll put this link for a shot of my tank at another site (pic is months old).

i'm overfiltering with aquaclear 500 + whisper 60 + azoo powerhead with 300gph (not showin in picture). i need to clean my tank then post a new picture with my new taller side towers :) I have a pseudotroph polit 4", pseudotroph(i think) "orange top" 5", maleri peacock 4", lamprologus multifasciatus (my 2" warrior), neolamprologus tretocephalus 3", neolamprologus lelupei 3.5", jewel cichlid 3.5", some cichasoma 4", altolamprologus compressiceps 3" (orange), hap moori, plus a couple others. its a little crowded, but its been socially balanced and haven't had a casualty in 6 months...plus there are a bunch of rooms in the towers that they all use to swin thru, hide, or just rest at night. I'm itching to add an altolamprologus calvus, but i think the chemistry of the tank will get all whack and the calvus is pretty chill (won't get enough food).
I feed twice daily with mixture of pellets, spirulina flakes. once a month or every two months i feed live fish (not recommended). i'll feed frozen food 1x or 2x a week. i'll feed live brine shrimp every 2 weeks. i'm working on feeding veggies.

#38 Help Us Build a Great Site!

Posted by gello99 on 29 January 2004 - 07:44 AM in Site News & Information

i definitely like this site. maybe you can make a place for member articles. i think if you can get some people to read some articles/article headings that catch their eye, they might sign up to be a member. i will definitely post pictures to help classify some fish if that will attract other people. i can finally put my camera to good use :) i hope people will take the time to become a member. it only takes a minute and it'll be nice to build the cichlidzone community.

#36 Another Favorite Fish

Posted by gello99 on 29 January 2004 - 12:38 AM in Introductions

hello. my name is angelo. i have a 55g assorted cichlid tank. my favorite fish is my pseudotropheus polit. however, i'll post a picture of the king of my tank, my red top pseudotropheus (polit is 2nd in command). how do you like the death stare this guy is giving ;)

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