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any ideas?

any ideas?

I have no idea the name of my cichlids. Any ideas?


    i dont know either but i have the same fish and am wondering my self.i have 12 malawi cichlids in a male show tank. i bought all of them on the way they looked. now i relize i should probbly figure them out. and thats proving to be very hard.
    try looking up photos of this fish... "Nimbochromis livingstonii" Im not sure what they are suppose to look like when smaller... but it has the same giraffe spotting.. well thats what I call it... LOL so dont go looking for Giraffe spotted fish in the search engine.. LOL.. hope that helps...Kat
    Nimbochromis linni + Nimbochromis venustus try these names too..
    My guess would be Nimbochromis venustus. These fish get very large (over 10 inches). What size tank do you have then in?
    After the research I did last night, I think you're right with that. I had NO idea they would get so big. :( I only have one left. One of them died after about a week. My one lone M. venustus is in a 20 gal. long, with a pleco. Do you have any idea how long it takes them to get that big?

    Thanks for your ideas and help.

    I have one of these guys they are Nimbochromis livingstonii, or Livingstons Hap. They can get quite large, we bought ours about 18 months ago, and he was 8 weeks old and about the size of a quarter, he's now over 8 inches long. He will loose the "giraffe" look. Ours still has the pattern however he's dark dark blue and has a bright yellow stripe up his nose and down his spine. They are very aggressive and you will want to move your one to at least a 40 gallon. Or he will become very miserable when he get larger.


    Those are Venustus. The livingston's have similar coloring but don't have the yellow at the top and bottom on fins.
    Your fish is defintely a Nimbochromis Venustus.
    I happen to have one in my tank (his name is Venus) and he happens to be the biggest yet most peaceful fish in there.
    Yes they do grow at least 10" but are not as aggresive as people make them out to be. When I first got him back in May he was about an inch now he's about 5. The Nimbochromis Livinstonii is very similar when small but stays narrow and is more of a brownish color with its face kinda resembling a wolf but is pretty delicate (mine didn't survive very long with the more aggresive Pseudotropheus , Melanochromis , and Labidochromis species). I've worked at various fish stores and have also been raising fish since I was 9 which is about 21 years now.Should you have any questions you can e-mail me at B_SuNsHyN@yahoo.com
    My name is Benny by the way.